Make a resolution you can keep!

What got in the way of doing something special with your family last year? For most people, it was money.

Make a resolution to cut back on your expenses so you can make those fun plans this time around.

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Start right now and you can save hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars this year by lowering your home heating and cooling expenses.

Here’s how.

Clean and maintain your equipment (or hire someone to do it – it’s worth every cent).

You’d be surprised how much a pile of leaves pushed up against the side of your air conditioner costs you over a summer, or a carpet of cat hair across your furnace filter.

  • Furnace maintenance in LambtonMake a schedule for replacing your furnace filters and stick to it. Every 2nd month, on the first Monday of the month, replace the filter.
  • Take a look at the heat element at the base of your furnace. If anything looks wrong, call a pro for a second opinion (and repair options).
  • Clean your outdoor and indoor coils at the start of every new season.
  • Sweep away any dirt, leaves, grass clippings – anything impeding airflow in your outdoor unit.
  • Move boxes and other appliances away so your indoor unit gets the air movement it needs.

You should also check all electrical and mechanical connections. Even if you don’t know how to repair a poor connection, it will be good to note in advance for your technician – it makes your service visit go by that little bit quicker.

Repairs you should budget for if you skipped maintenance the last few years.

Regular maintenance keeps problems from building up.

If you skipped maintenance the last few years, you might be moving toward:

  • Fixing a failed ignition system: Most new furnaces use electronic ignition systems, rather than traditional standing pilot lights. These are more dependable and help conserve energy. But they aren’t impervious to failing. In most cases, ignition systems require professional experience to install.
  • Repairing the blower motor: The main mechanical component in a gas furnace is the motor powering the blower fan. Continued strain on the motor (like heating during a long cold spell, such as late December 2017) can cause it to burn out. Regular maintenance reduces strain on the blower motor. If yours gives off shrieking sounds at night, a technician may be able to fix it before it fails. Otherwise, the motor must be replaced.
  • Cleaning the burners: Over time, dust, dirt and other grime builds up on the burners. A clean furnace filters slows this down, but you may eventually find the furnace provides poor heat even with a clean filter. Your HVAC technician can detach the burner assembly to clean it. This is not a DIY task.
  • Fixing gas line issues: The most compelling reason to avoid fiddling with your gas furnace yourself is the danger of potential gas leaks. If your furnace doesn’t cycle on or can’t keep up with your household comfort needs, the trouble may be with the gas line. You need a licensed professional to handle the necessary repairs.

Keep at least one of your resolutions this year and get your furnace and air conditioner a good cleaning. Contact us to schedule a maintenance visit and check that resolution off early!

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